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Page duration (1 min, 30 sec.)

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Take this task after every 2 hours. You earn $1 for each task completion but half a dollar or all your earnings will be deducted if you fail to apply to the instructions below

Task Instructions

This task requires you to to stay on 4 pages without distraction or clicks until you’re asked to click and summit your task on the 5th page.

  1. Your screen should be on throughout.
  2. wait on each page for 1+ minutes.
  3. Our system will automatically take you to the next page.
  4. Lookout for video ads on each page and turn audio to watch them until you’re taking to the next page.
  5. Do not click any other thing on the pages apart from ads watch and clicks.
  6. After your task is finished you’ll be instructed to summit task.


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